Door: 20:30 • Start: 21:00 • Door fee: € 5,-

​Von Mollestein

Now let’s get hard! From the hands of Dunkelwalt Immerkalt an electronic dark nightmare was born… with the twisted mind of Mr. Cooger that nightmare was giving a voice. And so… Von Mollestein was born to create chaos and disorder.

This collision happened at the beginning of 2019, discharging an enormous energy released on earth.
Brutal guitarz, firm beats and aggressive synths is what you can expect.

Get ready for your worst nightmare… or get the Fist!

Designer Violence

From the chilly south the all-girl industrial group Designer Violence comes over to Utrecht. Nina Ophelia (Nina van der Velden) and Gaya Asyd (Tessa de Koster). Due to their intense combination of emotional vocals, rough beats, psychedelic synthesizers and screaming samples, you will be transported to an underground 80s club in both body and soul. Are you ready for an unplanned madness?

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18:00 – 23:00 / 01:00
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