Door: 20:30 • Start: 21:00 • Door fee: Free

Flat tires, cancelled trains, bumping your little toe against the table, full grocery bags that tear at the bottom, bad wifi connection, forgetting an appointment, unwashed underwear, milk that has gone sour, refused payment when you have a full shopping cart, cycling in the rain, taking a sip of tea that’s way too hot, a clogged toilet, leaving your favorite bag on the bus, going to McDonald’s, missing the ferry by just a minute, a bakery that’s out of bread, thin walls, stepping in dog sh*t.

There’s lots of inconveniences you can run into any day. Maybe on some days a bit more often then on others. This can be quite frustrating, so if you’re looking for a place to vent, come to The Inconvenient Open Stage.

You’re allowed to scream for 7 minutes about your inconveniences on our stage! (screaming is not compulsory) Just because it feels so damn good to complain about stuff together with other people. It builds a real connection you know?

Sign-up starts at 20:30 with the small blonde guy with a sign-up book.
He’ll be wandering around with… Well, with a sign-up book apparently.
Show starts at 21:00

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