Door: 20:30 • Start: 21:00 • Door fee: Free

Oh snap! December 10th is already the last Int’l Open Stage of 2019!

Ah this time of year, cold weather, cozy coats, hot chocolate, festivities, Wham! on the radio, twinkling lights all over the city, and this year, a decade will end! How weird is that? How did we even survive the 2010’s? And how will we in the 2020’s? Look back on your work, your life, yourself this year. Or maybe look ahead to what next year will bring. Or maybe, you like to stay in the moment and just think about now.

Whatever you think, think about sharing it with us! It doesn’t matter what it is, poems, songs, art, spoken word, dancing, anything you can do on a stage in 7 minutes.

We will be glad to see you there and of course, we also hope to see you again next year!

Sign-up’s at 20:30 with Yvo (the one from the picture) and we start at 21:00 as per usual.


Due to Christmas- and New Year’s eve being both on a Tuesday this year, December 10th will be the last Int’l Open Stage. The first Int’l Open Stage in 2020 will be on the 14th of January.

Yes we know this is quite a big gap, but not to worry! Now you have some extra time to work on your art, poetry, songs, weird inventions or dance performances. This goes without saying, expectations will be high when we start again! 😉

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