Door: 20:00 • Start: 20:30 • Door fee: € 6,-

Following our US tour we are finally ready to release the long expected EP ‘Growth’!

Join us for an evening with a full new band set!


SUPPORT: Géonne Hartman

Géonne Hartman is a singer-songwriter from Utrecht (NL). She takes you on a whimsical journey through the dreamscape she so skillfully shapes with her music. Her soft, clear voice strings together the poetic lyrics under the guidance of her band.

In June 2019 she released her first EP Salt Wind produced by Eelco Topper (Falco Benz) and Arriën Molema (Room Eleven). The EP is very much inspired by her ancestors who traveled the seas. In her songs she is longing for this same adventure.

The 24-year-old singer-songwriter makes intimate, folky indie with a quirky twist. Her inspiration stems from strong female artists like Natalie Prass, The Weather Station and Laura Marling, just to name a few.



With a deep voice that feels like a warm bath on cold winter days, Irrelephant quiets even the loudest murmur. On hearing the dreamlike guitars, the harmonious vocals and lighthearted whistling, you will close your eyes and feel a carefree calm. With fragile serenades, Irrelephant invites us to be vulnerable together.
Intimate, calming folk, for lovers of Bon Iver, Jack Johnson and Hozier.

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