H.P. Loveshaft

Drag King

Start: 21:30 • Door fee: € 3,-

Drag king physicist & trans-Atlantic transsexual HP Loveshaft is bringing his singular mix of nerdy & dirty humour to ACU. See the international sensation in action, accompanied by some of Netherlands rising stars of drag!

This lipstick thespian began performing in LA in 2012 & has since appeared alongside some of Europe’s top names in drag as well as in solo shows around the world.

HP Loveshaft is a drag king powerhouse who has brought his act to venues around the world. He is the founder of the California-based queer cabaret Pangaea, and is known for his quirky, outgoing style and energetically crass performances that bash the border between entertainment and activism. Having now performed in 15 cities across 8 countries, he is on the way to becoming one of the more well-traveled kings living today. A finalist for the 2018 Sexual Freedom Performer of the Year Award, he hopes to serve as a bridge between queer communities world-wide.

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