Solidarity Kitchen Update

Published on September 5th, 2020

After 168 days, over 18.000 meals and help from our volunteers, the Solidarity Kitchen is closing its doors and turning the stoves off.

Many amazing meals have been served through the door of ACU – prepared by our amazing kitchen teams!

We want to thank everybody who helped us making this project work. From donating, helping in the kitchen, to eating our food.

Many good times have been had in the kitchen, cooking for the people in Utrecht. Many struggles have been had in the kitchen. Short staffed, stress and many other things kept our minds busy during this amazing project. Many technical issues made us scratch our heads on how to prepare food for over 100+ people per day. From gas malfunctions, power outages to having no water due to the roadworks on the Voorstraat. Nothing stopped us from making food for the amazing people of Utrecht.

After 5,5 months we are super proud we managed to do this every day of the week, weekends, and holidays.

We are proud of every single volunteer who helped us keeping this project running. Serving, cooking and administration. Every single volunteer who put their hands and minds to work for the Solidarity Kitchen project can look back on a rewarding period in their lives.

Many people had our meals in times when food was hard to find. Many bellies were filled in times when there was hunger.

With pride we are closing the doors of this amazing project. Thanks to everybody who helped us make this happen.