Aanvang: 21:00 • Deur: 20:30 • Prijs: 5,-

​Unleashing the sounds of the Mediterranean!

Starting from their hometown in Southern Italy, Danilo Vignola and Giò Didonna's show is an engaging journey into the rhythms and sounds of the Mediterranean, giving free rein to the art of improvisation while interweaving traditional melodies (rumba, flamenco, taranta, Arabic sounds) with psychedelic harmonies and heavy rhythms.

Mixing tools from overseas, such as the Hawaiian ukulele (of which Vignola is considered one of the most skilled players worldwide) or the Peruvian cajon (percussion), and modern instruments like the Swiss Hang (drum) they have been experimenting more and more over the years to create an exciting concert, unique in its style. After having After shows in Switzerland, Belgium, France, Spain and UK, this in Utrecht will be their first in the Netherlands.
toured extensively in Italy in the past years, 2017 marks the start of the Ukulele Revolver European Tour.


Joined in U'Duet by Osam Mileegi, a master of percussion and graduate at the Conservatorium of Khartoum in Sudan, they make of their music a duel between rhythms and sounds, creating an exciting and inspiring show, perfected after years of practice.
Safia’s music colourfully sources itself from his rich cultural past: he was born in the Village of Kofir Yaseef in Northern Galilee. A versatile and adventurous musician, Safia graduated from the Academy of Music and Dance in Jerusalem in 2002. Come to The Netherlands for cross-cultural challenges, he has been experimenting and playing with a number of musicians in venues and theatres all over the country, among others in the 'arabicana' band No Blues. A virtuous of the Oud, the Arabic lute, he mixes traditional Arabic music with influences from Blues, Balkan music and Jazz.
U'Duet is the musical encounter of Haytham Safia at the Oud, and Osama Mileegi at the Djembe.

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Open: 20.30 * Aanvang: 21.00 * Entree: 5,-