Aanvang: 20:15 • Deur: 20:45 • Prijs: 5,-

Ish Marquez

Ish Marquez comes from the boro of the Bronx to the Lower East Side’s Sidewalk cafe during the late ’90s. He creates a sincere and under-appreciated mix of rock, soul and an outpouring of lost innocence and prayer. Currently living in France, Ish is an original artist who gives some of the most intense original live performances that any scene would likely ever see again. Joining ranks with fellow expat, drummer, Matthias Carlson, and local Utrecht bassist, Igor Fornerino, Ish Marquez and the Errol Flynn’s are bringing you electrified Soul-Folk at it’s best!

Support: Yank

Utrecht based musician Yank, originally from Istanbul. Though his compositions stem from singer-songwriter traditions, he definitely enjoys mixing up many influences in his anti-genre approach. The performances vary depending on the setting, so every show is another experience.