Aanvang: 21:30 • Deur: 21:00 • Prijs: 5,-

​BLEACH (IT) Nirvana Tribute

Bleach is a tribute band of the most important band of the grunge scene from Seattle…NIRVANA! They come from Italy and they are constantly playing their gigs in pubs, clubs e bigger venues all over Italy and Europe!They offer a faithful Nirvana show, with more than 30 songs from the studio repertoire, they are very respectful for the dressing, the stage presence and equipment, even their line up is 100% the same as the original band! Bleach Nirvana Tribute released a 4 songs Demo including “Smells like teen spirit”, “In Bloom”, “Heart Shaped Box” and “Milk it” you can find also their “Smells like teen spirit” VIDEO on Youtube that has reached more than 500k views The video was made by Daniele and Yuri (singer and bass player of the band).

Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/193643734508000/

Open: 21.00 * Aanvang: 21.30 * Entree: €5,-