Aanvang: 21:00 • Deur: 20:45 • Prijs: 4,-

​Some bands that play rock music prove to be not easy classified as to what kind of rock they play exactly (if you want to do classify at all!). The term ‘rock’ is very broad, and to classify this very evening purely as ‘A Night Of Psychedelic Rock’ would not cover it. Two bands, from two totally different regions on the globe, meet tonight: Echolot from Basel, Switzerland and Impuritan from San Francisco, USA - although the latter has members that have their origins in different countries from different continents.

Actually, the teaming up of these two bands is somewhat metaphoric, showing that rock, in all its colours, is basically the same all over the world. Moreover: both bands are three-pieces (not the most unconvincing reason for many people to go to a rock concert!). Echolot plays the more postrock-, spacerock- and stonerrock-side of the spectrum, while Impuritan concentrates more on the experimental, jamrock and psychedelical side. But both bands share similar vibes and form a perfect fit for tonight. Echolot just released their third album in September and, as Impuritan, will be eager to show what a varied and intense night of psychedelic rock can do to the mind, the body and the soul!

Come around if you like Elder, Mars Red Sky, Colour Haze, Pink Floyd, Hawkwind etc.

Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/2011424729101967

Open: 20.45 * Aanvang: 21.00 * Entree: 4€