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We welcome you all to the November edition of Antifa Café: an afternoon and evening with antifascist folks. Antifa Café is an opportunity to meet other activists and to chat about what’s been going on and what will be going down with regards to antifascism in the netherlands.

The topic of this café is 'Mapping extreme right in the netherlands'. Antifa Utrecht will provide a presentation/talk about the current developments of fascist groups, individuals and organizations in the netherlands. Since extreme right isn't always easy to grasp and understand, we will try to give you a clear map of most fascist activities that've been going on in the region. This knowledge might come in handy on different levels: for the in-the-back-of-your-mind awareness, during a demonstration, but also in daily life. Ofcourse there will be time for discussion and questions.

On November 5th we also provide Anarchist Black Cross, an opportunity to write a note/letter/whatever to imprisoned antifascist comrades. Let's show our support to these imprisoned activists by writing letters/making art/writing postcards!

In the evening we will screen a movie together with Pasthéi. The theme of the movie is related to the topic of this month's Antifa Café. More info will follow shortly on the Antifa Utrecht Facebook page! 

We hope to see you on 5 November in ACU, Utrecht! 



MOVIE 20:00-21:00


Open: 16.00 * Talk: 16.00 * Food: 19.00 * Movie: 20.00 * Entree: gratis