Aanvang: 20:45 • Deur: 20:15 • Prijs: 5,-

​Cola hails from San José, California. It’s not easy to describe their style in a few words *generally this means we deal with a special band here!* but terms like psyche rock, art pop, indie rock and shoegaze certainly apply. Think of some kind of mixture of bands like Velvet Underground, My Bloody Valentine and Fugazi. In 2017 Cola released their debut album “Great Taste EP" on SNAFU Family records to critical acclaim, followed by an August tour of the Pacific Northwest and a December tour of Europe, in which they will fortunately hit ACU! Those who are familiar with founding song writer/multi-instrumentalist Cliff Rawsons former band, Ladycop, know that the music of this band has to be something special. And it certainly is!

Support will come from a very special act: MCHNRY. Act, yes, although you could easily replace the c by an r. This three-piece makes live art: not only (weird) music, but pieces of art at the same time. What does that look and sound like? Have a go at the videos below!

Well, if this isn’t gonna be your VERY special friday night out, I’ll eat my shoes! And this definitely tastes better, folks….

Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/372334996554975

Open: 20.15 * Aanvang: 20.45 * Entree: €5,-