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The past few years the the LGBTQI (and all the letters we forgot) community has been obsessed with hyper masculinity, beards, bears, chesthair, lumbersexuals, etc. Nothing wrong in that. We love masculinity!

Unfortunately the same can't be said for femininity. A survey conducted by Attitude Magazine was published on November 8th 2017 with some shocking results.

71% of the, more than 5000, gay men said they are actively turned off by a prospective partner who demonstrates signs of femininity. When asked if they thought effeminate gay men “give the gay community a bad image or reputation,” 41% responded yes.

​​​Time to dance your asses off on a fresh edition of The Lick with tasty chunks of underground dance, queer hiphop, electro and techhouse. For queers, straights and other flavours.

Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1193048567452278

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