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​How Was It For You

How was it for you plays a combination of hiphop and funk with some R&B influences. Their lyrics are political, poetic, with a catchy flow that keeps you moving.
Rap/Guitar: Rohaan MathewKeys/Saxophone: Kit DaviesGuitar/Bass: Tom VeltmanBass/Guitar: Paul van LaarDrums: Job Sytsma


Equivocal - honest, calm but far from collected wannabe emcee/rapper who spits with a vengeance about the beauty of life, it's innate wonder and sheer fuckedness. Seeking to spread a message of interpretation and rigorous questioning and having a good ol' laugh. Inspired by the wisdom of Nature, David Bowie, Cunninlynguists, Life and Death, he speaks his own concoction of truth in rhythmic form over a selection of soulful samples and Hip-Hop drums. Come check out this weirdo in action!

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