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WRCKG is a Dutch heavy melodic hardcore band formed in 2014. After their debut ‘Lost in Confusion’, a split-EP (/w Dock 83) and small name change they have recently released their self-titled EP. The emotional vocals, chaotic and melodic riffs, sublime drum patterns blend together in a unique and seamless mix. Having played multiple tours and shows with the likes of Capsize, Landscapes, Lock & Key and Novelists they have grown to be an experienced live band. With the new EP and the work they put in over the past few years WRCKG is now ready to start taking over Europe with their unique sound and energetic live performances.

Northern Lights

Northern Lights is a melodic hardcore/metalcore band from Weert. They have been making music together since 2015 when Alex and Pepijn found each other in a shared mission: to play hardcore that comes straight from the heart. They play melodic guitar riffs followed by heavy breakdowns and bass drums that'll hit you harder than a machine gun.


Formed to play lightning fast hardcore with honesty and passion, J'Accuse...! has seasoned hardcore veterans as it's members. Between the five of them, they've played a couple of hundred shows, and it shows; energetic and aggressive, they know how to work a crowd. Even before their first live show, they were featured on the winter compilation of God's Love for hardcore and the first show ever played was abroad on the German Freakstock festival and was met with positive reviews. So, if you'd like to have a band with aggression & melody, with beats & breakdowns and an honesty rarely encountered anymore in the scene: J'Accuse...! will deliver.


Immersed is a melodic hardcore band hailing from The Hague. Emotionally laden songs packed with melodic, yet hard-hitting instrumentals are a sure promise for a night full of heavy breakdowns and honest, powerful lyrics. (FFO: Counterparts, Landscapes, Defeater)

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Open: 20.00 * Aanvang: 20.30 * Entree: €5