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Uncloud matinée, the afternoon program of Uncloud Festival, offers you an exciting program with four local acts that explore the boundaries of art and music through improvisation. Expect hypnotic soundscapes, screaming synths, explosive improvisations and mesmerising poetics


Compact Star /// Improvisation duo with synthesizer, vocals and effects. Compact star makes dark, extended and narrative soundscapes. Pieter (synths) has roots in ambient, noise and metal. Barry has roots in baroque, pop en modern classic music.

Wordbites & beats /// Wordbites & beats. Wordbites is a poetic mix of spoken word with live music. A fresh act that creaks, bites or caresses. Tacky word art, subtly flavored with a dash of humor and a pinch of silence. This performance will be collaboration with rythmic elements by Jens Wierckx on drums and Cedric Vermue on synths and electronica..

BIG PINK PIG KING /// BIG PINK PIG KING is a four-headed monster from Utrecht. Four young musicians play explosively, constantly challenging and exhilarating experiment. The result is improvised music that tears itself to bits of blunt performance, corrupted grooves, sometimes a word scream and occasionally, through the humble noise, a bewildered hint of virtuosity. Something in between free jazz, noise, punk and pop; hungry non-poetic poetry in the now.

Stina Force /// Stina Force is a punk rock band originally from Gothenburg (SE) and now based in Amsterdam. Stina discovered the drums and singing a year ago and has since then developed a unique performance act which deconstructs the tropes of feminist punk. With a genuine passion for embodiment, music and performance art her "one woman band" is impressive. During this short period of time she has played in music festivals, theaters, clubs, parties and galleries

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