Aanvang: 23:00

Hi soldiers!

Today is the birthday of Bloodclaat, which means there have been 2 years of ragga-madness. Thanks to all making it possible! What better time than to post info on the next edition. What else to tell then to promise the same intelligent sounds that you are used to right? 

All that's left is probably announcing the selectah's of the evening, 2 dubheads from the east, part of Boomshakalak Soundsystem, and 3 junglists from our own city Utrecht : 

- Oaks & Baggabiek 

- Bojcot 

- Mike-L 

- Indubtrinate 

Peace, love and unity!

Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1999041050362778

​Aanvang: 23.00 * Entree: donatie