Aanvang: 23:30 • Prijs: 2,-

A special global groove edition of Vitamine ACU this Friday.

After being invited to Afrodisiac's monthly Hop the Groove event at De Kromme Haring, Juan and Jasper (aka Afrodisiac and GNOE) found out just how much they had in common when it comes to DJ'ing. 

A love of authentic grooves from around the globe, going from 70s funk to modern electronic beats, mixed with precision and style and bringing those warm sunny vibes everywhere they go. 

Realising they have shared goals and the chemistry is there, they are partnering up a second time for Vitamine ACU! 

Expect Afrobeat, Disco, Funk, Brazilian, Indian, Turkish, Boogie, House, Balearic and more musics from around the globe and outer space!

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- Afrodisiac

Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/403601303426061

Aanvang: 23.30 * Entree: €2