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Milenrama (SP)

The Catalans are already for the seventh Time in 8 years to Germany. Already at their first visit in 2011, the Punks from Sarria de Ter, a small suburb of Girona, the true storms of enthusiasm rekindled. What followed two albums were on the Essen Label "RILREC", as well as other Europe­wide tours to performances. This year, the combo with their new Album in their Luggage three weeks traveling in Europe. At the end of March the long­awaited Tour begins with a Tour through Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland and Poland. Have established MILENRAMA already over 10 years ago. The powerful and fantastic voice of singer Pimen on the melodic Hardcore­Punk­productions the stamp of peculiarity. Lyrically, it is critical of society and politically to the point: The Band took a clear position against racism, fascism, homophobia, sexism and all the other Shit that nobody needs.

H-Bomb Holiday Camp (DE)

The year is 2017. The world is still a madhouse and punk rock has turned 40. Yet there's no time for mid¬life crisis. When the band H BOMB HOLIDAY CAMP was founded in December 2015, the four band members had already burned all bridges – marriages had been divorced, jobs had been terminated, therapies had been abandoned. The only thing left in their broken hearts was their favorite record collection from all eras of punk rock, hardcore and rock ‘n’ roll. Hence, the prospect of a better future seemed irrelevant to them. However, a common ground had been established. The idea was as simple as effective: grab your guitar, turn up the volume... and look what happens.

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​Open: 20.00 * Aanvang: 20.30 * Entree: €5