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Masks Sit down my friend, take off your mask. I hope that’s not too much to ask. Here where we are there’s no need to wear, the veil that hides your beautiful face. We’ll love you, no matter your sex, creed or race. A mask is a message, a mask is a shield, empowering to wear, and empowering to yield. It may be an animal, it may be a god, it may be beautiful, it may be odd. Masks have many faces, as you will see, perhaps you’ll even meet, the masks that are me.

I’ll be your host: Monsieur ze Raccoon, perhaps you know me, I come from the moon. I’d like to invite you all to attend, and if you’d like we can play pretend. That we are all famous, performers and such, play your persona, I’d love that, so much. 

Show us who you really would like to be, or give us a glimpse, of you at age 3. There’s no mask that I’ll reject today, come one come all, it is time to play. A theatre piece, or poetry, perhaps entertain us musically. See you all there, please be there on time, this sentence concludes, the end of my rhyme.​

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Open: 21.00 * Aanvang: 21.30 * Entree: gratis