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The past few years the LGBTQI (and all the letters we forgot) community has been obsessed with hyper masculinity*, beards, bears, chesthair, lumbersexuals, etc. Nothing wrong in that. We love masculinity*.

Unfortunately the same can't be said for femininity*. A survey conducted by Attitude Magazine was published on November 8th 2017 with some shocking results. 

71% of the, more than 5000, gay men said they are actively turned off by a prospective partner who demonstrates signs of femininity*. When asked if they thought effeminate* gay men “give the gay community a bad image or reputation,” 41% responded yes.  

We as The Lick stand for being inclusive and celebrating diversity. So our next edition we celebrate Femininity* (M/F/O) with our favorite DJ's playing Tasty chunks of ELECTRO, UNDERGROUND DANCE and QUEER HIPHOP

​Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/315840962154067

Aanvang: 23.00 * Entree: €5