Aanvang: 20:30 • Deur: 20:00 • Prijs: 6,-

​Introducing DANILO VIGNOLA, who won the prize BEST ELECTRIC UKULELE PLAYER IN THE WORLD (USA 2010), and the experimenter of new techniques and virtuous percussion GIO DIDONNA with innovative rhythms, both coming from ITALY

After 350 concerts in 3 years in Italy, they are on a 2018 European tour to promote their album UKULELE REVOLVER ... Their show is an engaging journey into the rhythms and World-Tribal-Fusion sounds, which gives free rein to the art of improvisation, revisiting in a modern traditional melodies (rumba, flamenco, tarantula , Arabian sounds, tribal rhythms) and interweaving them to refinements experimental psychedelic harmonies, rhythmic heavy, marked by an intercultural exchange, in which tools from overseas such as the now famous Hawaiian ukulele and the Peruvian cajon (percussion) and modern instruments like the Swiss Hang (drum), encounter a new perspective, breaking with their identity, giving rise to an exciting concert, unique in its style, which is having a great success with critics and audiences.

Experimental ethnic-heavy https://youtu.be/sLeQ0oCD2-0

Potenza Folk Festival https://youtu.be/r1obrMr_9bs

Experimental Rumba “Baronissi Blues Festival” https://youtu.be/HzSsPd-1gvU

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