Aanvang: 21:00 • Deur: 20:45 • Prijs: 6,-

Dutch&European Stoner Rock D&ESR and ACU proudly present: Kosmodrom (DE) + Swan Valley Heights (DE)

Two very fine pieces of stoner-psych rock from the northern (Kulmbach) and southern (Munich) parts of Bayern, Germany!

Kosmodrom is from Kulmbach and comes equipped with a brand new drummer and new album! The songs from this alternatingly chilled-out and bulldozering band one moment drag you into the mud, or put you on a nice dazzling cloud. Their first EP 'Sonnenfracht' contains some very addictive songs; let's see what the second album will bring!



Swan Valley Heights are from München and know how to use the fuzz pedal as well. They meander through spacey and psychedelic landscapes, never to contain a dull moment.



These two south-German bands are the perfect bill for a fuzzed-out stoner-psych night to break your week!

Open: 20.45 * Aanvang: 21.00 * Entree: €6 to €8

Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/158474178176655/