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​LA SEVERA MATACERA is one of the pioneer bands in the music history of Ska in Colombia. The band started 20 years ago willing to mix ska, reggae and rock together and create their own unique sound. With their socially critical texts, they paved the way for an underground movement of alternative Latin music scene.

After numerous tours throughout North and South America, they played in 2012 and 2013 in Germany and France. In the summer of 2016 La Severa Matacera presented in Europe their new album "Showbusiness International " which includes features from Dubioza Kolectiv, Che Sudaka, Panteón Rococó, Sergent García, Desorden Público and other contemporary Colombian bands like Skampida and Dr. Krapula among others.

In 2017 the band toured back in Germany and Austria presenting Weltkrieg, a new single with a fresh sound and explicit lyrics with a critic point of view of a worldwide situation. For autumn 2018 the band plans to start a new visit to Europe celebrating 15th years of their first album “Cuando la gente se pare”.


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