Aanvang: 23:00 • Prijs: 3,-

​​Kako Da Ne dj's Ayabassca, dubcovsky and LiveWire will be spinning those global dancefloor nuggets for your heads to toll, your feet to move and your hips to shake! Your favorite frente fiestero internacional keeps on bringing fresh stuff from all around: electropical, dub, nu cumbia, arabeats, reggae, balkan bass, baile funk, afro pearls. Whatever.

Special guest: Rocky Marsiano hails from Amsterdam, but started his career out in Portugal where he released three records. The fourth album “Music for all seasons” was entirely produced in Amsterdam and is a tribute to his mother’s Brazilian records. His latest release “Meu kamba” brings a very new element to Rocky’s production: music from Angola, Cabo Verde and Mozambique. Receiving a lot of international praise, “Meu kamba” is a colourful journeys through the great rhythms from these three African countries.

Rocky Marsiano: https://soundcloud.com/rockymarsiano

Ayabassca: https://soundcloud.com/ayabassca

Dubcovsky: https://soundcloud.com/dubcovsky

LiveWire: https://soundcloud.com/dj-livewire-2

Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/2147413652169469/

Aanvang: 23.00 * Entree: 3€