Aanvang: 23:00

​Greetings to all junglist warriors!

The end of the year is nearing for us with just one edition to go in 2k18. I and I have seen sum spectacular line-up dis year and got dem celebrating 2,5 years of being 'round.

Dis calls for a reason to go all-out for one more time dis before I and I roll into 2k19 With great honor and love I present to all, a take-over by Uk Jungle, one of dem best labels around in the jungle scene at dis moment. Dis take-over will bring 4 of dem guys from the Uk to the ACU, being

- Junglord

- Tony Jungle

- Omni Rythm

- Omen Breaks

The remainder of time will be filled by our own Indubtrinate. Dis one is one eidition that cab't be missed, so I and I will see you at the 8th of November! Peave, Love & Unity!

Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/2162394270678223/

Aanvang: 23.00 * Entree: donation