Aanvang: 18:00 • Deur: 18:00 • Prijs: 5,-

​De Wilde Aarde is an office space above the ACU, which offers a workspace for individuals and groups in the city center of Utrecht. It has been around for 13 years now and all that time has played an important role in activism in Utrecht (and more broadly) as a place to meet and work together on actions, research, legal support, and so on. We offer a cheap, well-equipped meeting and work space for people who want to make the world a little better. This room is also perfectly suited for occasional use, for example for meetings or brainstorming sessions. In order to continue to do this, we are busy refurbishing the office, for which we can use some extra money. We also need more users to cover the rent. Interested? Then come to the benefit or contact us: wilde-aarde@xs4all.nl

// Bands // till 23.00 //

- Padme [Fast & Melodic Punk Rock from Istanbul]

- d' Anticlown en de Schobbejak [Eigenzinnige HipHop uit Gent]

// DJ's //'

- Strohsack

- ChaosK

Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/988821941316905/

Open: 18.00 * Food: 18.00 * Bands: 21.00 * DJ’s: 23.00 * Entree: 5€ / donation (after 23.00)