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Red Sun Atacama

The Atacama desert is located in the north of Chile and spans slightly under 1000 km. It’s thus perfect for a car-drive while enjoying a heavy portion of desert-rock at maximum volume through your speakers. Red Sun Atacama mimics exactly the feeling that you’ll get from that. And although France is lacking deserts, these Parisiens exactly know how to scorch the Earth below their tires.

Formed in 2015, their first full-length album was three years in the making. But this record is something. “Licancabur” (mountain of the people), its title, is the sacred volcano of the Atacameños, the indigenous people of the Atacama Desert, who used to carry out religious ceremonies to worship their sun god Inti. Red Sun Atacama spews fire, molten lava and in particular a lot of smoke; a thick cloud of smoke you wanna stand in while banging your head with your fist in the air! 

Support Bismut comes from Nijmegen. Bismut is, like Red Sun Atacama, a heavy powertrio. Drummer Peter Dragt used to be drummer for Dutch punkband Bambix (which played ACU more than once). But Bismut is nothing alike punk. Their psychedelic, instrumental rock with a lot of stoner elements is not for the faint hearted, but simultaneously is diverse and exciting enough to be enjoyed by a whole rock community. These guys just released their debut album as well, called “Schwerpunkt” (center of gravity in German), and are a happily received guest on many locations where psychedelic, stoner and heavy rock is popular. A heavy package not to be missed if you call yourself a rocker!

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