Aanvang: 20:00 • Deur: 20:30 • Prijs: 0,-

Luck has struck, an April offers us the amazing opportunity of a fifth Tuesday to host a very special open stage. The theme of the night is “Duo’s”! So bring you numero dos and sing a duet, have your partner play pretty tunes to your poetry or take two to tango. Since this is a special open stage those who come in pairs down the stairs will be given priority to grace the podium. If you have something very special planned and would like to ask for extra time, equipment or something els grand, now is the time, make sure to ask us well in advance. See you there pair! All people and art-forms are welcome, be it poetry, spoken word, song, music, dance, stand up comedy, painting, belly dancing... you name it!

Bring something to show to our super chill audience, whether you've trained for many years or just started practicing, we're always very interested. 

Sign-up starts at 20:00 with the Raccoon. He’ll be wandering around with a trumpet and sign-up book.​​

Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/255730368670006

Open: 20.00 * Aanvang: 20.30 * Entree: free