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"The band formed in December 1980 in Bradford and set about recording heavy, melodic, intense dance music with no frills and pretensions. The band were an early contributor to what became the Goth genre." (Gods and Alchoves) 1919 had chart success with the singles "Caged", "Repulsion" and "Cry Wolf"" as well as the 1984 LP "Machine", and recorded two Peel Sessions.

In 2014, founding guitarist Mark Tighe attempted to reform the band, recruiting Rio Goldhammer from the Leeds underground scene to perform vocals. In 2015, original drummer Mick Reed returned to the fray, providing the final piece of the puzzle in the form of bassist Karl Donner. With the band's core reunited, the "'Madness Continues' Sessions" live-album quickly emerged, along with the self-released Death Note EP. 

Two European tours and a host of festival appearances later, 1919 signed a deal with Westworld Recordings in 2016 to release a new album, "Bloodline", 35 years after their first. But it was to be no fairytale. In January 2017 Tighe lost a short battle with cancer, leaving a chasm at the heart of the band. Having insisted the others carry on in his absence though, Mick, Rio, and Karl now had to do justice to the album, and to the memory of their fallen comrade. Bloodline was released to critical acclaim in 2017, with Vive le Rock's Pete Woods writing "Good goths come to those that wait" in an 8/10 review. Louderthanwar said “‘Bloodline’ will bewitch you“, and Sonic Seducer calling its “nightmarish-hypnotic gloom” a “fitting tribute” to Tighe’s legacy. In April the band confirmed that Sam Evans would be their new full-time guitarist, and began touring the new album once again to rave reviews. As of October, the band played the last of 19 dates across Europe in Leeds. On 12 January 2018, Bloodline was released on limited edition red vinyl, featuring two additional tracks ("D.N.A" and "A Hymn to the Night") recorded with Mark.​

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