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Kako Da Ne
dj's Ayabassca, dubcovsky and LiveWire will be spinning those global dancefloor nuggets for your heads to toll, your feet to move and your hips to shake! Your favorite frente fiestero internacional keeps on bringing fresh stuff from all around: electropical, dub, nu cumbia, arabeats, reggae, balkan bass, folktronica, afro pearls. Whatever.

More than happy to welcome back:
“Speaker-bangin’ before all else” (XLR8R) with “some of the smartest ears in the game” (Chicago Reader), “few can make a room explode like Maga Bo” (Flavorpill). A purveyor of “international sonic weaponry and rhythm knowledge” (Rough Trade), the Rio de Janeiro-based DJ/producer is a veteran pioneer of global bass music, with 20+ years of dedicated experience searching out unheralded music bumping from speaker-boxes in the world’s grittiest corners, from Belo Horizonte to Fusion Festival.

His current passion is releasing confrontational, bass-heavy digital roots music from all over Brazil on Kafundó Records, which he runs with his partner, SoundGoods. Their compilations have consistently been in Best of the Year lists and are setting a new standard for modern Brazilian music. https://soundcloud.com/magabo/maga-bo-quilombo-do-futuro-1

Kako Da Ne
Saving the world from bad music by playing the good!
Ayabassca: https://soundcloud.com/ayabassca
dubcovsky: https://soundcloud.com/dubcovsky
LiveWire: https://soundcloud.com/dj-livewire-2