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​Marco Gordijn and Koen van den Berg started Starlit Sea in 2000, while living together in the same student flat. They based their sound on the instruments they had at hand - acoustic guitars, vocals and the occasional cello - releasing a selection of songs on the 2001 CD “The Homemade Demos”.

In 2009 they decided to re-record some of the early material to reflect their musical growth and their maturing sound. This led to the “Autumn” EP, which they recorded with a string quartet, and to a new line-up with Pim van de Steen as drummer, Jeroen Doreleijers as extra guitarist and Pim van Dijk as bass player. Steve Lewis joined on cello to complete the lineup in 2011, just in time to help recording a demo with new songs, released in 2011.

Their debut album First Wave was released in May 2018.

Meran Sari (27) is a local singer and songwriter, who doesn't bother using lines like "I will sit down on your face" & "She's so used to spreading her legs". On stage with her guitar, she will combine her own work with a number of covers