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​At nighttime the weird creatures are coming out onto the street. No one really knows where they're going or with whom they're going to meet.

It's a strange time to be out yet so pretty, lights are twinkling all around the city.

The last guests are coming out of shady bars walking in the middle of the street, there's no cars but just the stars and a hippie with bare feet.

The travellers on the night train getting stranger by the hour, in the distance the faint sound of bells coming from a clock tower.

Nighttime can be scary but also a delight, so we invite onto our stage all you creatures of the night!

Bring your poetry, songs, short stories, music, monologues, causes, unusual instruments, dancing or anything else you can fit in 7 minutes. House guitar and 3 mics available.

Sign up at the bar with the well-dressed blond guy with the eyeliner.