Vegan Kitchen

Bring Your Own Food + Food Share (Food Experiment)- Wednesdays: Bring your own food or get some snacks for donation at our bar. Share!
R&R Kitchen- Thursdays: Different chefs and cooks every week. Some cheap food and different every week!
Taste Before You Waste- Saturdays: Known for their waste-food collection initatives. Get some nice food for cheap made by our TBYW volunteers
Barricoons Kitchen- Sundays: Some nice waste-food diner for a donation.

As some of you might know already, our kitchen is no longer run by KitchenPunx - The Garden of Vegan. But we are working on new projects to keep serving you nice vegan food for affordable prizes!

- Tuesdays: Bring Your Own (Vegan) Food!

* 99% Vegan * No hard drugs * No racism * No harassment * No Pin *

The ACU and our kitchen projects are completely run by volunteers and we are always looking for helping hands. If you want to help out, please check this page and fill in the form!

Hope to see you in ACU!

For reservations please call 030 2314590 or mail

Bring Your Own (Vegan) Food + Food Share (Food Experiment): snacks for donation and bring your own food!- Wednesdays: