ACU is not only a place to party, it’s a place of art! Always has been, always will be. Ever since this place was squatted in 1976, creative folk have made artworks, films, installations, music and much much more in this very building.

Every month, we invite a new artist to exhibit their work in our bar. Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus, we do not have an exposition at the moment.

But we do have an ‘artist’ to share with you: Yvette Jolie.

Yvette is a former ACU volunteer and built us this amazing new website! Yvette has incorporated a plethora of new functions on the back-end as well as on the front-end, showing off the diversity of ACU in a much better way than the old site could ever convey.

There’s now specific information for Food, Art and have you already seen the amazing timeline of ‘Our Story’?

We’re super glad, and proud, that Yvette made us this beautiful gift, also with the eye on our 45th anniversary in March, and that we can now show off all the things we do on our own little anarchistic island on the internet!

The new website opens up a lot more possibilities for us to share stories with you and in the future also new ways to communicate and keep you up to date, even when you can’t visit ACU.

So thank’s a lot Yvette, from everyone at ACU and all the visitors that can feast their eyes on this new website.