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Shira made the design inspired by the documentary “Het Gat” from 1989 about the “hole” in the Voorstraat, next to the ACU building.
Stickers and postcards are included with every order.

Help us/yourself there.


ACU works purely with volunteers; for the bar, technics, the promotion and so on.

Do you want to contribute to this unique, crosswise, diverse, special and cozy place in the heart of Utrecht? Then sign up using the form below and we’ll gladly get back to you as soon as possible!

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    New Volunteers Committee

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    New volunteers introduction

    About this form

    This form is to sign up for the New volunteers introduction. You’ll get a small tour of ACU, information about how we run the place, tap a beer, etc. to find out if volunteering at ACU suits you.

    Please note: We only use the information you provide to sign you up for a New Volunteers Introduction.

    Do you want to contact us about something?
    Please use the form on our contact page.

    Are you an act/band that wants to book a night at ACU?
    Please use the form for acts and bands.

    1 Personal information

    Email address
    Phone number

    2 Motivation

    What would you like to get from volunteering at ACU?

    3 Experience

    What kind of tasks would you like to do?
    BarDoorMaintenanceFinances and administrationTechnician (light and/or sound)Cooking for bandsPromo on socialsPosters designPosters distributionCleaningOrder drinks and decide our bar cardProgramming, events, bookingsBarricade collective (on Sundays)TBYW collective (on Saturdays)Something else...
    Do you have experience with one or more of the above?

    4 Availability

    How many hours are you available per month?

    5 You and ACU

    How often are you in ACU as a guest?

    6 Submission

    Once you submitted the form, we will get in touch with you when we have an opening at our next New volunteers introduction. Your personal data will be used to process your form and for other purposes described in our privacy policy.

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