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Shira made the design inspired by the documentary “Het Gat” from 1989 about the “hole” in the Voorstraat, next to the ACU building.
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Rotten Food presents: Folk Punk Night

Twisted Teens (New Orleans, USA) Also known as Caspian of Scissorbills and iconic anarcho-punk band Blackbird Raum, Twisted Teens bring anarcho-garage punk from New Orleans to ACU! This band has been described as bringing synthesis of raw power, post-post-punk clarity, and mystical specificity, together with catchy melodies and clever turns of phrase.   Ancient Hostility…

  • Door:20:00
  • Start:20:30
  • Entry:€ 5/10
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    Next on the agenda

    This is not a place for food!

    What a waste! It’s a shame so much perfectly good food gets tossed in the bin.

    This is why we have guest groups volunteering at ACU to combat this problem and feed the people who are hungry.

    Will you look at those visuals?

    ACU is not only a place to party, it’s a place of art!

    That is why, every once in a while, we invite a new artist to exhibit their work in our bar.

    This month’s artist is:

    Utrecht biodiversity photo competition

    Our story

    Long ago, ACU was an auto repair shop: Auto Centrale Utrecht. The building was squatted in 1976 and played an important role in the squat scene in Utrecht for years...
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