Citrus Blossom (NL) x NORE (NL) (Live)

Rock, Jazz, Folklore, Pop

Saturday, October 28th

  • Door:19:30
  • Start:20:00
  • Entry:€ 7

Citrus Blossom is a quintet from Utrecht, dedicated to Rock-Pop.-Jazz-Eastern Traditional. Feeding off the endless need to share their music, Citrus Blossom proposes an amalgam of genres with a rock base since 2017. Deeply committed against social inequalities and the horrors of war, the sociopolitical lyrics of their original songs travel between grit and tenderness.

Cruising through high density, improvised songs and keeping the raw essence a quintet always pulls off, they have managed to create songs tailor-made to be played in front of a crowd. Initially established in Greece, the band is now made up of eclectic
international musicians that live in Utrecht.

From Rock, Jazz, Folklore and Pop, the variety of musical influences contributed to compose the unique timbre by the dialogue between saxophone and violin which are coloring the eastern traditional voice lines.

Unconventional yet cuddly, the group of five surprises their audience with songs about downwards spirals, garden ornaments, and why Cupid should never be trusted.

Life’s a whirlwind- and everybody should know it. With all the ups and downs, the moments of high and low energy- NORE makes you feel all the feels.

On stage, you’ll get to know the energetic twentysomethings not only through their music but also through the fun they have while performing.

Doors open at: 19:30
Live starts at: 20:00
Entrance fee: 7 euros (please bring cash for the door!)

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