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Noise in ACU

Mei Zhiyong | ooo |SITBQ X IMM| A10X | Diafracta | Radical Vitality

Wednesday, November 8th

  • Start:20:00
  • Entry:€ 7 / 10

Update: Time table.

20:00 Doors
20:30 Radical Vitality
20: 50 A10X
21:15 Diafracta
22:00 ooo
22:30 Mei Zhiyong
23:00 End live music.

毛躁 Maozao Tour !  Mei Zhiyong and • • •
Mei Zhiyong and • • • invite you to embark on their 毛躁 Maozao Tour ! To listen to the virus that became contaminated by our ears, our moral being creative as the result of a three year disease. Infection is gone, health is spreading relentlessly. Two solo sound action, two minds and tool sets, a cathartic event.

Mei Zhiyong (Changchun)  [Live electronics, new noise, harsh noise ]


ooo (Hanoi) [Live electronics, new noise, harsh noise ]

SITBQ X IMM(Amsterdam) [Harsh Noise & Guitar Noise] 

A10X (Portugal) [Dark-harshnoise / power-electronics]

“Aesthetik Alkemyk Terrorizm” is the presentation slogan of the multidisciplinary misanthropic terrorist ANAX.

She has been creating under different names [alter-egos], all of them gathered under her record label Nekro.Ruido.Rekords (recently joined by Diafracta).
Her main aim is to deconstruct normal thinking and subvert empty superficial society values, by attacking the complex eyes-ears, in the hope of reaching some kind of cerebral mystical epiphany.
At this event she will be playing under A10X and deliver a set of dark-harshnoise / power-electronics.

Diafracta (Netherlands) [Experimental noise]
Coming from the free party scene, Diafracta felt the need for a more abstract approach to music. He has a never ending curiosity to dive into sounds and their sonic possibilities, creating experimental and rhythmic noisescapes with the use of different instruments and tools,
Recently having joined the Nekro.Ruido.Rekords label, he is taking the next step for the project, lifting it to the next phase in it’s never ending evolution.


Radical Vitality (Utrecht) [Noise]
Radical Vitality is an ungraspable Dutch harsh noise act, inspired by the Japanese greats such as Merzbow, K2, and Incapacitants, while also incorporating other musical elements – bringing this all together in an energetic live show. Play loud or do not play at all!

Opening hours

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  • Sat 20:00 – 03:00
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