The Worst Karaoke

Happy New Fear

Thursday, December 14th

  • Door:20:00
  • Start:21:00
  • Entry:€ 5

Hey losers! Our Hall of Shame is practically begging for another pathetic Wiener to join the ranks, step right up, and it might just be your unlucky day! As we bid farewell to this dumpster fire of a year, let’s take a stroll down the lane of utter disgrace and applaud all the monumental fails.

Just remember, only 22 acts get the dubious honour of sucking in the spotlights. Unless you come with an enticing bribe.

Join us for a year-end drink that perfectly mirrors the quality of our collective achievements. Bring your lack of talent, questionable decisions, and a sparkly outfit that screams “I’ve given up on this year.”

Here’s to a night of auditory chaos, where bad singing isn’t just tolerated—it’s celebrated. Cheers to the end of the year and the beginning of your journey into the Hall of Shame!

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