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Ekster [Poetry], body mustArt [Noise], SaSSy flOOf KAVIA [Noise], Manica [Dark Ambient], Soles of the feet [Noise, Modular], (DJ) lndpnd

Friday, March 8th

  • Door:19:00
  • Start:19:30
  • Entry:€ 8

SOTU (Sound Of The Undergraound) Festival is an annual alternative music festival in Amsterdam since 2012. The 13th edition will take place from April 9 to 14, 2024. SOTU has a passion for genre-bending sound and performances which is focused on the promotion of the experimental, avant-garde and underground.


Ekster [Experimental, Poetry]
Ekster is a collection of own poems, thoughts and feelings in image and
sound. Curated by Pianist Maarten Bijnen and Artist Carelain Bergtop.
The duo likes to use special guest players. The whole is somewhat
melancholic, avant-garde, eclectic but above all contrarious.

body mustArt [ Noise, Butoh, Visuals]

“body mustArt” is a collaborative project with schoco mune (a.k.a. Shoko Nagamachi, sound artist), Joana Cuiko (butoh 舞踏, movement) and Steven Hoes (light and visual, junk-scrapyard artist) which was formed in the summer of 2023. This project takes a poetic approach seeking beyond the boundaries of our bodies, time and space.

“A body is surrounded by air and noise, a mind howls hysterically but a body stays muted.”

SaSSy flOOf KAVIA [Experimental, Trumpet, Fieldrecordings]

She once taught herself to play the guitar, but a few years ago when she heard a trumpet playing in a band at f.a.s.t. the whole band fell away and that little trumpet shone and shone to her. Not long after that she played her own trumpet in the .psychedelic. band OR -with  Spacebeest, Denz  and Tim with his lasers from Eerlijk Opgelicht-a real playground; ) apocalyptic soundscapes improvising and learning. And there was a synthesizer ‘ooo’ and a sampler ‘aaa’ and singing became more and more fun and everything fell into place.

The sounds that the KAVIA had been collecting for years with microphones in the ear could finally be used to make music.  With guinea pigs, the roar of trains, singing Peruvian ladies and rhythmic dripping between the trumpet and her synth. Slowing down, accelerating, improvising everything, sometimes rousing harmonic singing and like a trance with a heavy beat or very neat.

A musical journey it is 🧡

Manica [Dark ambient]

Manica is a Dark Ambient/Free Improvisation project started in the Autumn of 2008 by L.M.
Wiltens as a solo project(Samples, Vocals, Synths etc.). Later, asfor 2013 Sandra Tenwolde joined
the project to complete her duty on vocals in the studio-side
of the project.
In 2017, a live team got formed which consists of Mathe Sluijter(synths,electronic percussion,
Esther Ton(Guitars), Vredy(acoustic guitars and soundscapes) and Laurens Bijl(cello and percussion
With always dynamic changing live line-ups, it always comes as a surprise on what would happen
and no songs will be able to be reproduced it keeps the sounds refreshing and has a from-the-heart

Soles of the feet

Unleashed modular synthesizer system + DIY speakers project

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