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Rebetiko against the machine

Original rebetika, blues, folk

Friday, March 22nd

  • Door:19:30
  • Start:20:00
  • Entry:€ 10


★ Rebetiko against the machine Live! at ACU★
With their united passion for Rebetiko and acoustic folk instruments these musicians infusing new paths with a rock sensibility.
Their repetoire rooted in the pivotal era of the 30s to 50s, a period marked by the hardships of two World Wars, profoundly impacting the working class.
This is the historical context wherin the perspectives, emotions, and beliefs of that time are reflected on the Rebetiko music.
Today, they strive to uphold these intimate and historical elements of Rebetiko while infusing their own experiences and perspectives into their lyrics and original compositions.
They’re also committed to preserving traditional Rebetiko songs, sharing their knowledge and wisdom with audiences.
-Guitar/Vocals : Ilias Konstantinidis
-Baglama/Bouzouki/Vocals : Argiris Papadimitriou
-Bouzouki/Vocals : Giannis Leloudas
-Double Bass : Remy Dielemans
Doors open : 19:30
Start : 20:00 / End : 23:00
Ticket : 10€ at the door (cash is preferable)

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