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Harassment complaint

We’re sorry to hear you have had to deal with harassment in ACU.

We take this matter very seriously and we would like you to help us battle harassment by filling out the form below. Of course we will handle this discreetly.

    Harassment complaint


    and Security

    About this form

    This form is to file a Harassment complaint. You may fill in this form if you or someone you know has been victim to harassment in ACU.

    Please note: We only use the information you provide to investigate the harassment incident. We handle your information discreetly and, if you would choose so, anonymously.

    Do you want to file an other kind of complaint?
    Please use the form on our contact page.

    1 Personal information

    Email address
    Phone number

    2 Incident information

    Date of incident
    Time of incident
    Name of harasser
    At whom was the harassment directed?
    If toward another person, please identify them
    Describe the incident as clearly as possible.
    Include a full description of the events, verbal statements (i.e., threats, demands, swearing, etc.) and if any physical contact was involved.

    3 Additional information

    Where did the incident occur?
    List any witnesses who were present
    How did you or the other person harassed (if not you) react to the harassment?

    4 Submission

    I hereby certify that the information I have provided in this complaint is true, correct and complete to the best of my knowledge.
    Once you submitted the form, we will investigate the incident. Your personal data will be used to process your form and for other purposes described in our privacy policy.

    Creating safe spaces and battling harassment, together.